Lamont creates new post to oversee housing and transit development

HARTFORD — Gov. Ned Lamont has created a new position in his office to oversee investment at the intersection of housing and transportation.

Starting Monday, Lisa Tepper-Bates, 50, will be the senior coordinator to the governor on housing and transit-oriented development, multiple sources said. Her appointment has not yet been publicly announced, but was confirmed by Lamont’s spokesperson, Maribel La Luz.

The post was a top recommendation of Lamont’s policy and advisory group on housing before he took office. Tepper-Bates will lead strategy on promoting housing around public transportation and optimizing affordable housing investments for maximum federal dollars and results, sources said.

Tepper-Bates is the former chief executive officer of the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness and serves on the board of the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority.

She organized policy advisory groups for Lamont’s transition and her husband, Scott Bates, is deputy secretary of the state. They live in Stonington.

Tepper-Bates has been making calls to announce her new job this week. David Rich, executive director of Bridgeport-based Supportive Housing Works who served on Lamont’s housing policy group, was excited to receive Tepper-Bates’s call.

“No other governor has done this,” he said. “It goes to the governor’s commitment to housing and transit-oriented development by actually embedding a very senior person within the governor’s inner circle to ensure coordination and cross-pollination of human capital resources so we can really get the job done of building a more equitable through more housing.”

Tepper-Bates did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The position is not the only new role Lamont has created in his office. He also created the post of chief operating officer and appointed Paul Mounds to it in December.; Twitter: @emiliemunson

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